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What Is An MOT Test And Why Is It Important?

MOT tests are a mandatory requirement for any vehicle that’s used on UK roads. It’s been this way since 1960. Up until then, safety and emissions were at the mercy of public discretion. Unfortunately, this system was not effective at keeping road users out of harm’s way or limiting emissions. As a result, the government formed what is now the DVLA. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for enforcing MOT tests.

To help highlight what an MOT Test consists of and why it’s so important, we’ve put together this short guide.

The Class 4 MOT Explained

A class 4 MOT is the compulsory test required for all UK Vehicles older than 2 years that were manufactured after 1982. Any brand-new vehicles are covered for 2 years, and classic cars are exempt. Additionally, MOT tests must be carried out by a licenced garage, to check the following parts for safety and emissions standards:

The Importance of Annual MOT Tests

The aim of compulsory MOT tests is to keep everyone who uses UK roads safe. There are also environmental considerations. Of course, cars which consume fossil fuels are always going to contribute towards damaging the eco system. However, minimising those contributions is our responsibility.

By regularly checking the safety features of vehicles, such as the brakes, you can anticipate any issues that may be present before they become life threatening. Furthermore, keeping tabs on the mechanisms responsible for emissions, such as the catalytic converter, can help to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

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How to Ensure Your Car Passes its MOT Tests

Sometimes your vehicle will fail its MOT. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you use your car every day for work. That’s why it’s useful to try and prevent any fails before they occur. This can be achieved through servicing and carrying out regular checks. The first thing we advise checking is the tyre tread, along with checking for any fluid leaks or safety issues with the seatbelts.

The second most important thing to do to improve the chance of passing your MOT test is to take your vehicle in for regular services. By allowing a professional to check your vehicle regularly, you’ll keep on top of issues as they arise.

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