If you need car repairs Cwmbran, speak to the experts at Gearbox & Axle Centre. We have a fully equipped state of the art garage which enables us to provide top quality vehicle repair services.

We provide a range of repair services to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Furthermore, our mechanics are all fully qualified, so you can be assured that your vehicle will be repaired to the highest standards.

Our Repair Services Include…

Bodywork repairs

We have technicians on site that specialise in bodywork repairs. We can repair bodywork damage ranging from small scuff and dents, all the way through to replacement panels, touch ups and resprays.

car repairs cwmbran south wales
car repairs cwmbran south wales

Engine Diagnostics

If your cars dash lights are illuminated, warning you of an issue that needs addressing immediately, it is possible to identify the problem through an engine diagnostics check. It is important to book in an engine diagnostics check as soon as possible to avoid the risk of further damage being caused.
Nowadays, modern vehicles have an ECU (engine control unit). The ECU is responsible for continuous monitoring of the vehicle’s performance. The ECU will notify you of a potential problem via illuminating lights on the dash. Engine diagnostics checks will identify the full extent of the problem.


Gearbox & Axle Centre, Cwmbran provide vehicle electrics testing and repairs. Our electrical repairs service includes rewiring, lighting systems, installation of electrical accessories and car ignition system electrical faults. Our technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable, so you can trust that the job will be done properly.

Fuel Systems

If your fuel system is in need of attention, then Gearbox & Axle Centre can help resolve the problem. We offer full repair services to vehicle fuel systems including fuel tank repairs, fuel pump repairs, turbo repairs, and fuel filter replacements.

Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Repairs

Exhausts can deteriorate over time. Whether you need welding to repair rusted sections, or a full exhaust system refit, we can help. In addition, we offer repairs to catalytic converters, including fitting of new catalytic converters.

Additional Vehicle Repair Services

In addition to the above vehicle repair services we also offer the following services:
• Battery repair and replacement
• Suspension
• Wheel alignment
• Oil and filter changes
• Radiators
• Cam Belts
• Cooling Systems

If there is any repair service that you require that is not listed above, then please contact us today to discuss your requirements. We offer free quotes on our car repairs Cwmbran, so why not give us a call on 01633 871766.

What Are The Most Common Car Repairs?

  • Tyre repairs, gearbox and electrical faults are all very common. If you think your vehicle may have a fault, give us a call and we will be able to assist you with making an appointment.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair My Brakes?

  • Brake repairs and replacements can differ in price depending on your vehicle and whether its rear or front brakes. Give us a call for our experienced mechanics to help you with your enquiries.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Clutch?

  • Clutch repairs vary in price depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s clutch may also need repairing or replaced entirely. Contact our team of mechanics for more advice on clutch repairs.

How Do You Know If Your Car Will Break Down?

  • Check the tread on your tyres, wear and tear on your car can cause it to break down. Low oil and your brakes smelling funny can also be common signs. Warning lights on your dashboard too. If you believe your car is not running as well as it should, call us on 01769 574837.


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales