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Car Repairs cwmbran

If you are in need of car or van repairs in Cwmbran and the surrounding area, visit our fully equipped autocentre. Our highly trained team of mechanics will be able to inspect and repair any issues with your vehicle to have you back on the road safely in no time. With all of the latest car repair equipment we are able to provide vehicle repair services for any make and model of vehicle.

Our car repair services range from cosmetic and body damage to more internal faults such as electrics, engine repairs and more. We will have your vehicle back in a great condition and driving safely, fast and efficiently.

Body work vehicle repairs

Our garage in Cwmbran is equipped with all the tools necessary to repair and complete any body work issues your vehicle may have. Our experienced bodywork specialists are well trained working with various vehicle types and can have your car looking as good as new. The bodywork services we provide range from repairing slight scuffs or dents all the way to car panel replacements, touch ups and vehicle resprays.

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Engine Diagnostics

The most common signs of an engine fault might be a warning light on your dashboard or your car not driving correctly. Engine faults can be very serious which is why it’s important to have one of our trained technicians inspect your vehicle as soon as you believe there may be a fault. We use the latest technology to conduct engine diagnostics tests to mitigate any larger engine faults occurring in the future.

Book your engine diagnostics test in as soon as possible if you suspect an engine fault. Modern cars and vans are equipped with engine control units (ECU’s). The ECU is responsible for the continuous and meticulous monitoring of all aspects of the vehicle’s performance. With notification systems alerting the vehicle owner of any potential faults or performance issues, via lights on the dashboard, our team will be able to assess the issue in much better detail and rectify any performance faults if necessary.


Electrics are a vital part of the proper running of your vehicle, more so in modern cars and vans, which is why here at Gearbox & Axle Centre, Cwmbran we offer electrics testing and repairs.

Our electrics services are inclusive of all electrical components of your vehicle from; lighting systems, the installation of any electrical accessories, car ignition systems and even complete vehicle rewiring. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced in dealing with car and van electrics, giving you peace of mind that the job will be completed properly and to a very high standard.

Fuel systems

If your fuel system has been damaged or requires repairs then book in with us. A damaged or faulty fuel system can be dangerous which is why it’s important to have it inspected immediately. We carry out vehicle fuels system repairs for anything from car fuel tank repairs to repairing fuel pumps, fuel filter replacements and repairing turbos.

Exhaust & Catalytic converter repairs

It is common for car exhausts to deteriorate over time through age and wear & tear, which is why it is important to have it checked if you suspect anything is faulty with it. We offer a range of exhaust repair services such as welding and repairing rusted sections of your exhaust system. We can also conduct full exhaust refits.

We also offer repairs for catalytic converters including the supply and fitting of new ones.

Additional vehicle repair services

In addition to the above vehicle repair services we also offer  the following services:

If there is any repair service that you require that is not listed above, then please contact us today to discuss your requirements. We offer free quotes on our car repairs Cwmbran, so why not give us a call on 01633 871766.

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Frequently asked questions

Tyre repairs, gearbox and electrical faults are all very common. If you think your vehicle may have a fault, give us a call and we will be able to assist you with making an appointment.

Brake repairs and replacements can differ in price depending on your vehicle and whether its rear or front brakes. Give us a call for our experienced mechanics to help you with your enquiries.

Clutch repairs vary in price depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s clutch may also need repairing or replaced entirely. Contact our team of mechanics for more advice on clutch repairs.

Check the tread on your tyres, wear and tear on your car can cause it to break down. Low oil and your brakes smelling funny can also be common signs. Warning lights on your dashboard too. If you believe your car is not running as well as it should, call us on 01633 871766.

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