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Is Your Vehicle Ready For Its MOT Test?

It’s common knowledge that your car will need an MOT test once per year. If that time is rolling around soon, you should be thinking about the things you can do to get your vehicle ready for a pass. Around a third of cars will fail their MOT and require some work to be done to get up to scratch. To help reduce your chances of a failure, we’ve put together this quick preparation guide.

Clean Your Car

It doesn’t have to be spotless, but your car should at least be clear of rubbish on the inside. If you’ve got a build-up of junk in your car, get a bin bag out and remove it before your MOT test. You should also give the exterior a wipe down. Pay extra attention to the number plates, as plates that are too dirty to be read could result in a failed test.

Check Your Lights

Broken headlights will result in an MOT failure. Despite this being a relatively easy fix, not many drivers take the time to check their lights in between services. This is also a safety issue, as a car that doesn’t have working lights will be much more difficult to see on the roads.

You can also fail the MOT for having lights that are too bright, too dim, faded, cracked or discoloured.

Top Up Fluids

Even something as simple as windscreen wiper fluid can cause your car to fail its MOT test if it’s empty. Windscreen wiper fluid is cheap and easy to get hold of, so there’s really no excuse for turning up to your test without it. You should also top up your coolant and engine oil while you’re at it, as allowing these to get too low will cause problems. It’s usually a lot cheaper to fill these up yourself rather than letting the garage do it as well.

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Dashboard Warning Lights

If there are any warning lights appearing on your dashboard, you’ll need to see to them before the test. Even something like low fuel could result in your MOT test not being carried out. To perform an emissions test, the car needs adequate fuel, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your car is topped up.

If you’re aware of a warning light on your dashboard that’s been on for awhile but the problem has been resolved, inform your garage of this before taking it in for its test. They can check the fault and turn the light off when they’re satisfied that the problem has gone away.

Choose Gearbox & Axle Centre For Your MOT Test

If it’s time for your vehicle to undertake its yearly MOT, get in touch with our garage today. We can get you booked in at a time that suits you and ensure you’re meeting the legal standards.

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