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Five Signs That You Need to Take Your Car in for Repairs

There are many signs that can indicate your car needs repairs. However, some are more dangerous than others. We recommend that any issues you have regarding the safety features of your car, get addressed immediately.

Below, we’ve outlined the five most important signs to take your vehicle in for diagnosis, so that you can know what to look for in the future.

Loss of Power

If your car is experiencing a significant loss of power, it can be a tell-tale sign that it needs repairs. Power loss can be caused by several internal engine issues, such as the following:

There can be other specialist issues in complicated engines that we haven’t mentioned here. However, these are often the most common causes for loss of power. It’s paramount that you take your car in for repairs should these symptoms persist, as it can lead to a breakdown or further damage to the vehicle.

Intermittent Engine Problems

Occasionally your vehicle will have trouble starting, or the engine will cut at seemingly random times. There are a whole host of causes for this kind of issue, from a faulty battery to a malfunctioning alternator, and it’s almost impossible to diagnose without professional training. That’s why it’s important that if you’re having trouble keeping your car running consistently, you should take it to a reliable garage for repairs.

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Brake Problems & Car Repairs

This common problem is arguably the most dangerous. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for a diagnosis as soon as you start experiencing problems with your braking system.

To ensure your safety and awareness, here is a short list of symptoms to look out for regarding your brakes:

Excessive Black or Blue Smoke

Excessive smoke is a direct indicator of engine problems. Sometimes, it can be as simple as replacing a fuel filter. However, other times it can be something more serious. Blue smoke is quite often related to fuel, and black smoke mostly indicates oil. Regardless of the source, the Gearbox & Axle Centre advise you to bring your car in for repairs should you witness large amounts of smoke exiting your vehicle, before it causes a breakdown or more permanent damage.

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Driver Safety

Heavy Steering

The steering and braking systems are two major control elements of your vehicle. The gearbox is also manually controlled; however, it does not pose a safety risk if it fails.

Steering is something to seriously keep an eye on, if it fails, you’ll be risking the health and safety of yourself and your passengers.

Look out for sluggishness, rigidity or clunking from your steering column. If you experience any of these symptoms, we highly advise you to seek professional car repairs from a trusted mechanic, to avoid any serious situations, such as a breakdown or crash.

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