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Why Garages Recommend Car Servicing Every Year

Many people put off car servicing, with some avoiding it altogether. Because they’re not a legal requirement, you have the freedom to choose not to have your car serviced. However, there’s many great reasons to stick to the standard schedule of booking a service once per year or every 12,000 miles.

Oil & Filter Change

The lubricating properties of engine oil will become less effective over time. Therefore, an oil change is usually included in your annual car service. The oil in your engine becomes full of contaminants from everyday use. These particles build up and can result in your engine seizing. If you can’t remember the last time your vehicle had an oil change, it’s very likely that you’ll need one. Thankfully, when you schedule car servicing, this is often included.

Fluid Checks

The engine oil isn’t the only fluid that’s given some attention in a car service. Your engine coolant and wiper fluid will also be inspected and topped up if necessary.

Brake Checks

Your brakes serve a very important purpose. Ineffective braking can result in accidents on the road, putting yourself and other road users at risk. Brake pads do wear out over time and need replacing every so often. When you book in for car servicing, your brakes will be checked over and given some attention where needed. Brakes that are in good condition are safer, and also cause less damage to the vehicle’s rotors.


In addition to all the work done on the fluids and brakes, your garage will also inspect over 50 parts in your vehicle to ensure they’re working properly. At this stage, they can carry out minor adjustments, like tightening the seatbelts and handbrake and ensuring the timing is adjusted.

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The Benefit Of Regular Car Servicing

Ensuring your car is serviced at the recommended intervals means that you’ll be safer on the roads. It also means that any issues that could crop up unexpectedly can be spotted sooner. This could result in less money spent on repairs in the long run. Car servicing also means that your vehicle retains a higher value, so if you come to sell it later on you’ll fetch a better sum of money for it.

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