Gearbox & Axle Centre is an independent garage offering car servicing Cwmbran at competitive prices. We serve customers all over the Cwmbran and Newport areas. Our mechanics are fully qualified and knowledgeable, therefore you can be assured that your car is receiving the attention it deserves.

Regular vehicle servicing is an important aspect of car maintenance. In fact, servicing will improve the overall condition and performance of your car. Furthermore, regular servicing will identify potential issues with your car that can be addresses before they deteriorate further.

Vehicle Servicing Packages

We offer a range of vehicle servicing packages for all makes and models. In addition, we have state of the art garage facilities, including engine diagnostic equipment. Therefore, your vehicle will receive best care, here at Gearbox & Axle Centre.

Our car servicing packages offer different levels of servicing depending on the type of service you require.

Major Service

Recommended every 2 years. Major servicing includes a comprehensive 71 point check of the vehicle.  A major service is the highest level of servicing on offer. We perform a 71 point check on the vehicle relating to all aspects of your vehicle.

car repairs cwmbran south wales
car repairs cwmbran south wales

Full Service

Recommended every 12 months. Full servicing includes a 69 point check of the vehicle.  The checks cover most aspects relating to the engine, drive system, fuel system, steering and suspension, electrics, brakes, exhaust, tyres and wheels, windows, mirrors, wipers, registration plate, lubricating of hinges and a full internal inspection.

Interim Service

Recommended between full and major services to keep your car in top condition. Our interim service includes a 40 point check to covering basic aspects of engine relating to the engine, basic checks to the drive system, system, steering and suspension, electrics, brakes, exhaust, tyres and wheels, wipers, washers and lubrication of hinges.

Great Customer Service

Here at Gearbox & Axle Centre we pride our business on the exceptional levels of customer service that we offer our customers. Of course, if your vehicle needs replacement parts that will be charged for outside of the agreed vehicle servicing price, then we will always contact you first to advise.

Courtesy Car

We offer courtesy cars free of charge subject to availability. For this reason, if you require a courtesy car please book in advance and check the availability. So, for more information regarding our car servicing Cwmbran, contact our expert mechanics today.


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales


car repairs cwmbran south wales